Knee Arthroscopy

Led by top specialists in the industry, we’re creating simplified techniques to optimize outcomes.

All-Inside ACL Reconstruction

Achieve all-inside reaming with the Infinity™ Retro-Reamer and suspensory fixation with the Infinity™ Femoral Adjustable Loop Button and Infinity™ Tibial Button

infinity retro-reamer

Soft Tissue ACL Reconstruction

With a variety of guides, reamers, and suspensory and aperture fixation options, surgeons can perform ACL procedures the way they want.

infinity femoral adjustable loop button attached to sutures

BTB ACL Reconstruction

EZStart™ Interference Screws provide a self-notching, self-tapping approach to ACL reconstruction using a bone-tendon-bone graft

two ezstart interference screws facing opposite directions

PCL Reconstruction

The modular Infinity™ System has everything you need for PCL procedures

infinity femoral adjustable loop button attached to sutures

Meniscal Repair

Maximize your repair with minimal anatomic disruption

aim meniscal repair full product

Meniscal Root Repair

Meniscal roots are repositioned and fixated into the original anatomical attachment

y knot pro flex with black handle and white sutures

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