A wide range of solutions for shoulder, knee, hip, and small joint procedures

looking glass visualization system with empty shelves and two monitors showing surgical camera video on one and conmed logo on the other


Experience the performance of Argon Beam Coagulation Technology

side shot of helixar showing its full size and front screen


A large GI portfolio aids procedures for biliary, dilation, hemostasis, polypectomy, and more

fully opened duraclip hemostasis clip in scope


Maximize your outcomes with the help of AirSeal®

airseal ifs system facing left showing features on display screen and tubing connection

Minimally Invasive

A big portfolio aids numerous small joint procedures

trushot all in one fixation system angled left side shot

Open Surgery

Shoulder, knee, extremities, and general/plastic procedures

hall titan powered instrument system handheld device angled left showing insertion spot for blade


Procedures performed with da Vinci and AirSeal®

airseal robotic solution tubing and access port connected to each other

CONMED's Clear the Air® Program

Every breath matters. Take the first step in going smoke free in your OR.

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