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Learn about how surgical smoke has impacted lives, take an engaging look at the data, and envision the solution for surgical smoke management.

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CONMED publishes numerous blog posts per month on topics that address health care challenges, technological innovations, trends, and thoughts from renowned surgeons and physicians.

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Strengthen Your Repair, Optimize Your Healing

Unlike traditional implant materials that are either synthetic or biologic, BioBrace® is a biocomposite of both. Use for tendon, ligament, and cuff reinforcement.


Need to Preserve Budget and Stretch Investments?

Explore a capital procurement approach that can maximize value and save your facility BIG... all without complex agreements.

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Advanced Energy, Made Easy

Optimized for the GI procedures you are performing, it's not a jack of all trades, but a master of ONE!

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The Only Insufflator Backed by Clinical Data*

With over 6 million procedures in 3,500 facilities in 72 countries, there are plenty of studies on patient outcomes with AirSeal®. *Based on 2023 market analysis

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Driven by a Shared Mission

Empowering healthcare providers to deliver exceptional patient outcomes worldwide.

At CONMED, we embrace a people-first culture that starts with a mission to support our healthcare partners and the patients they serve. It’s why we design superior medical devices and products that lead to healthier lives. We share a passion for humanity, and it comes through in everything we do.

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Your ASC and Endosuite Partner

From incision to closure, CONMED is the easiest company to work with. We're one point of contact with the products you need, and that's one less worry for you.

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Virtual CONMED

This interactive experience allows you to explore solutions in virtual operating rooms and endosuites, view the latest surgical techniques in the auditorium, and so much more! It's a fun and unique way to get to know CONMED, especially if you are unable to attend a tradeshow or CONMED event.

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