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Looking Glass® 4K Integrated Visualization System

Offering superior image quality and durability with an “all-in-monitor” interface to optimize cart space, Looking Glass™ delivers total value through a reduced footprint and cost-effective reprocessing - backed with a 7-year steam penetration warranty.

looking glass visualization system with empty shelves and two monitors showing surgical camera video on one and conmed logo on the other

Looking Glass® 4K Camera Head - 3MOS Eyecup

Durable and fully autoclavable, featuring a 3-chip CMOS sensor designed to enhance visualization

side view of looking glass camera head

eLuma™ Electronic Light Guide

This unique design pulls the light source to the scope, eliminating fragile fiber optic cables 

eluma light guide head

Touch Glass Image Capture System

All-in-one image capture system with components built into the touch screen

touchglass monitor

AV8500 Video Cart

Monitor arm relocation toward the rear of the cart promotes a nurse-friendly workstation

video cart with empty shelves

Sony UP-DR80MD Printer

Fast and reliable, designed to provide outstanding image quality and color reproduction

sony printer front view


IM8000 True HD Camera System & LS8000 Direct LED Light Source

HD 3MOS technology allows surgeons to achieve a more accurate view of anatomic characteristics, while the light source achieves consistent light output to produce a reliable color spectrum throughout its lifetime.

front of the im8000 camera system

LED Monitors and Video Support

Engineered for optimal surgical imaging for multi-specialty, minimally invasive procedures

monitor screen showing surgical camera video during an operation


UHD and HD 4mm Autoclavable Arthroscopes

Providing increased clarity and detail for vivid image production

connection spots of three 4mm uhd arthroscopes

QuickLatch® 2.9mm Autoclavable Arthroscopes

Superior optical performance with 152mm working length and 100° field-of-view

quicklatch arthroscope

Small Joint Autoclavable Arthroscopes

An advanced optical system with a sapphire lens to ensure durability

two small joint autoclavable arthroscopes parallel to each other

UHD Laparoscopes

Enhanced image clarity and sharpness for improved viewing of anatomic structures

two differently sized uhd laparoscopes


Sterilization Trays for Scopes

Properly store and reprocess HD autoclavable devices for multi-specialty procedures

blue sterilization tray showing surgical imaging products placed inside it

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