Built on Innovation

Transforming Lives with Advanced Technology

For us, innovation is innate. CONMED has been leading the development of cutting-edge surgical and patient care products since founder Eugene Corasanti built a disposable ECG electrode at his kitchen table in the early 1970s.

Today, that means physician-led design teams, constant product improvement, and the thoughtful acquisitions of similarly innovative brands. It’s being at the forefront of medical technology that enables us to continuously enhance patient outcomes — and that’s why we’re all here.

Designed by Physicians

Our R&D team partners with world-class physicians to develop innovative products that meet and exceed their clinical needs in each specialty. We rigorously test our products in cadaver labs that closely reflect the clinical environment to validate the design and procedure.

birds eye view of four medical professionals sitting around a table conversing

Teaching Advanced Techniques

Our educational programs are focused on teaching new and innovative surgical techniques. We invest heavily in developing surgeons’ clinical expertise through peer-to-peer learning and collaborative partnerships with medical associations and the Orthopedic Learning Center.

three surgeons in an operating room wearing blue scrubs as the patient lays on an operating table

Opportunities for Innovation

We’re committed to developing the most advanced proprietary products as well as bringing the most innovative surgical devices into the CONMED portfolio. Our goal is always to provide you with a comprehensive suite of clinically superior products to help you improve patient outcomes, every day.

medical professional working with lab equipment as he watches something on his monitor at his desk

A History of Innovation

We’ve been focused on advancing surgery and patient care since day one.


Eugene Corasanti looks to fill a need in the market by forming Concor Enterprises and acquiring Mohawk Hospital Supply in Utica, NY.

black and white image of Utica, New York


Our founder, Eugene Corasanti, developed an innovative disposable ECG electrode at his kitchen table and launched CONMED.

conmeds founder eugene corasanti


In our first acquisition as CONMED, we incorporated cutting-edge electrosurgical company Aspen Labs, a division of Bristol Myers Squibb, into our company.

aspen labs electrosurgical equipment


CONMED more than doubles in size with the acquisition of Linvatec, which includes Hall surgical products. This forward-looking diversification helps grow our international footprint.

blue and black conmed logo


By acquiring the majority of the gastroenterology and pulmonary business from C.R. Bard, we expand our presence in the general surgery market and emerge as one of the biggest players in the industry.

blurred out image of an operating room


An agreement with Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, the world’s largest tissue bank, gives us exclusive rights to their game-changing sports medicine allograft tissue.

mtf biologics orange and blue logo


CONMED furthers our commitment to continuous innovation with the acquisition of SurgiQuest and, with it, AirSeal, the first insufflation device with built-in smoke evacuation. 

grey and blue surgiquest logo


With the acquisition of Buffalo Filter, a leading surgical smoke evacuation and filter technology company, we cement our spot as the most cutting-edge surgical and patient care product company. 

blue and green buffalo filter logo


The acquisition of In2Bones Global, Inc. enhances CONMED’s solutions for the treatment of disorders and injuries in upper and lower extremities. The acquisition of Biorez, Inc. advances CONMED’s solution for soft tissue healing through BioBrace® implant technology.

grey and orange in2bones logo


The addition of Biorez and its proprietary BioBrace® Implant technology represents an important step forward for CONMED in advancing the next generation of soft tissue healing in sports medicine.

biorez logo

A Cut Above

We believe it’s our capacity to innovate that sets us apart. We iterate on our products to ensure clinical excellence and embrace a mindset of constant improvement. As a result, we’ve come to own numerous areas of innovation.