Patient Positioning

Great Outcomes Start with Stability

Start every procedure with the stability you need. Our positioning devices are easy to assemble and maneuver. Lightweight materials ensure they can be effortlessly moved room to room.

AssistArm® Limb Positioner

Lightweight and intuitive, delivering control and reliability for shoulder, knee, and ankle procedures

assistarm limb positioner standing straight

HandStand™ Traction Tower

Improved maneuverability, sterile strapping, and intuitive assembly for wrist arthroscopies

three handstand images showing progression of the tower bending

Traction Tower® Extremity Traction Device

A legacy in wrist arthroscopy, providing distraction for arthroscopic procedures and fracture reduction

traction tower extremity traction device standing straight up and down

Need more power in your procedures?

With the Hall® Titan® Large Bone and Hall® Microfree® Small Bone systems, you can pick up the pace.

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You’re not still uncleating sutures, are you?

 Eliminate unnecessary steps and establish fixation like a PRO. 

Y-Knot® PRO Flex All-Suture Anchor

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