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The Day to Day

We innovate with your entire facility in mind to ensure we match your pace, not hold you back. 

Looking Glass™ 4K Integrated Visualization System

Technology that helps you see today with durability that ensures you see tomorrow

touchglass monitor

CrystalView Pro™ Fluid Management System

Intuitive, high-performance fluid management so you can focus on the patient, not the pump

crystalview pro fluid management system straight on shot of screen and controls

Stealth™ Diamond-Like Carbon Coated Blades

Designed to reduce metal particulate generation in your patients’ joint 1,2

close up of two different stealth carbon coated blade heads with and without spikes

Edge® Bipolar Arthroscopic RF System

Offering bulk tissue removal and fine tune sculpting capabilities

edge bipolar arthroscopic rf system angled right showing numbers on screen and controls

If You’re Ready to Standardize, We’re Ready to Support.

From performance to simplicity, our arthroscopy portfolio checks all the boxes. Together, we’ll deliver significant value for your surgeons, OR staffers, facilities, and the patients you treat.

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