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I have noticed a significant decrease in peak inspiratory airway pressure and mean airway pressure while using the AirSeal® system. These benefits are extremely important when taking care of obese patients who have increased airway resistance and decreased pulmonary compliance from baseline.

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Gabriel Eduardo Mena, MD

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Robotic Surgeons: Get all the Benefits of AirSeal®

streamlined into your Intuitive da Vinci* procedure workflow - without the need for an assist port.

AirSeal® Robotic Solution

For my robotic-assisted roux-en-y gastric bypass, the 8mm AirSeal® access port allows for constant low pressure control and easy passage of suture.

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Rich DiCicco, MD, FASC, FASMBS

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*Compatible with the Intuitive da Vinci Xi and da Vinci X Surgical Systems
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Note: Use of the AirSeal® system is not a guarantee of improved patient outcomes, as the success of surgery depends on many individual variables, such as patient etiology, disease state, etc.