Hip Arthroscopy

With a team of industry innovators and a focus on safety and simplicity, CONMED is leading a paradigm shift in hip arthroscopy.

CAM and Pincer Decompression

Signature Series™ Pre-Bent Burs allow surgeons to access hard to reach areas during femoroacetabular impingement procedures

three signature series blades and burs angled right showing their tips

FAI with Labral Tear Repair

The Paradigm® Hip System features an all-in-one solution for access and repair

paradigm ez switch's portal saver system

Gluteus Medius Repair and Augmentation

Suture anchor repair for smaller tears and allograft augmentation for larger tears

y knot pro rc all suture anchor with black handle angled left

Say goodbye to sleds and switching sticks

Paradigm® EZ Switch® was designed to save time and add flexibility.

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