FAI and Labral Repair

The Paradigm™ Hip System features an all-in-one solution for arthroscopic access into the hip joint and repair of the labrum.

Femoroacetabular impingement, also referred to as FAI, is a condition resulting from bone overgrowth on the femoral head (known as cam spurs) and/or on the acetabulum (known as pincer spurs). These bone spurs create abnormal contact in the hip joint, which can result in damage to the labrum and/or the articular cartilage. Surgical treatment consists of addressing both the labral repair and the bony deformity that caused the issue.

Paradigm™ EZ Switch® Portal Saver

Enabling surgeons to access the hip joint easily and safely, reducing procedural time and touchpoints

paradigm ez switch's portal saver system

Paradigm™ Retractable Blades

Featuring a retractable blunt sheath to protect the articular cartilage and tissue during a capsulotomy

paradigm straight blade and paradigm hook blade

Paradigm™ ClickLok™ All-Suture Anchor

Next generation labral fixation for the hip

paradigm clicklock full product shot

PressFT™ and GENESYS PressFT™ Suture Anchor

A dependable hard-bodied anchor, now with a flexible delivery system

pressft, genesys pressft and pressft flex suture anchor tips

Paradigm® Curved Knot Pusher

To facilitate better placement of knot stacks around the acetabular rim

paradigm curved knot pusher

Introducing a Paradigm Shift in Hip Arthroscopy

Designed by some of the world's leading hip surgeons, the Paradigm™ Hip System is a complete portfolio of products designed with safety in mind. It provides surgeons with simple and reproducible solutions for arthroscopic hip repairs.

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