Meniscal Repair

All-inside meniscal repair

Torn knee cartilage generally produces pain in the region of the tear and swelling in the knee joint. Torn meniscus fragments can get caught in the knee joint, and if a large enough fragment becomes lodged between the bearing surfaces, the knee may become unable to be fully bent or extended. Minimally invasive techniques can repair this issue.

CONMED's Infinity AIM™ Meniscal Repair Device offers seamless one-handed deployment and in-joint tensioning to promote a simple and reliable repair. It's designed with safety and minimal anatomic disruption in mind. The Sequent® Meniscal Repair Device is an all-inside, stay-inside system comprised of PEEK implants and Hi-Fi® suture that can create a knotless repair in any configuration.

Infinity AIM™

Maximize your repair with minimal anatomic disruption.

aim meniscal repair full product

Sequent™ Meniscal Repair Device

All-inside technique accommodating up to six stitches with one device

sequent meniscal repair device pointing down

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