Soft Tissue ACL Reconstruction

Numerous fixation options to suit any approach

Patients that have sustained an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, which is often a sports-related injury, may require surgery to reconstruct the ACL. In this procedure, a graft from the patient or from a donor is used to replace the torn ligament. Suspensory or aperture fixation may be used to fixate the graft in place.

CONMED's suspensory fixation options are highlighted by the Infinity™ Femoral Adjustable Loop Button, which has no minimum loop length and a dual locking mechanism. The Infinity™ Modular Guide System was designed for maximum ease of use.

Infinity™ Femoral Adjustable Loop Button

The world’s first1 adjustable, reversible loop button for femoral fixation

infinity femoral adjustable loop button attached to sutures

BioBrace® Implant

Strengthen your repair, facilitate healing

long singular strand of biobrace with sutures

Infinity™ Anteromedial Guide

Designed for a straight anatomic approach with left or right orientations and multiple sizes

infinity anteromedial guide with spade slip

Infinity™ Modular Guide System

An all-in-one system that can accommodate multiple techniques and procedures

infinity modular guide arm

Constant Diameter Reamers

Designed for quick and efficient bone removal during arthroscopic knee procedures

two constant diameter reamers

GENESYS™ Matryx® Interference Screws

An optimal combination of biologic healing2 and mechanical integrity

tip of genesys matryx interference screw

ExoShape® Femoral Soft Tissue Fastener

Expandable Block Lock provides graft compression and aperture fixation

tip of the exoshape femoral soft tissue fastener

ExoShape® Tibial Soft Tissue Fastener

“Closed force loop” eliminates unwanted graft laxity

tip of exoshape tibial soft tissue fastener

Everything You Need for Knee

Reaming and fixation flexibility for AM or all-inside techniques

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1 Based on 2021 market analysis
2 Biologic Healing is defined by CONMED as the body’s natural healing process.