PLC Reconstruction

Aim to restore the original anatomy and function of the Posterolateral corner

The PLC stabilizes the knee against posterior and laterally directed forces. PLC injuries involve damage to the lateral collateral ligament, the popliteus tendon, and the popliteofibular ligament. Accounting for about 20% of complex knee injuries1, these injuries are commonly seen in conjunction with injury to the ACL and PCL. Multiple surgical approaches to PLC injuries have been described, many of which involve the use of a graft either from the patient or from a donor. ExoShape® and TenoLok® combine for a simple and reproducible repair.

ExoShape® Femoral Soft Tissue Fastener

Expandable Block Lock provides graft compression and aperture fixation

tip of the exoshape femoral soft tissue fastener

TenoLok® Dual-Expanding Tenodesis Anchor

Eliminate tendon wrap with this fast, simplistic technique

full product shot of tenolok showing handle and tip

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1 Smith KE et al. Shape-memory Polymers for Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair. Techniques in Orthopedics 2017;32:141-148.