A TFCC tear can cause significant pain for patients

When surgical intervention is required to treat Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex, the HandStand™ Traction Tower brings simplicity to your scopes with stability and distraction. When anchor fixation is required, it doesn’t get easier than the TruShot® with Y-Knot® All-in-One Tissue Fixation System.

HandStand™ Traction Tower

Improved maneuverability, sterile strapping, and intuitive assembly for wrist arthroscopies

three handstand images showing progression of the tower bending

TruShot® with Y-Knot® All-in-One Tissue Fixation System

Anchor, Drill Bit, Guide – Fully loaded, ready-to-go out of the box

trushot all in one fixation system angled left side shot

Unleash Your Precision

A cordless, battery-powered, pencil-grip instrument that delivers the power you need

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