Meniscus Allograft Transplant

Meniscal allografts are the treatment of choice for patients with a subtotal or total meniscectomy

While many meniscus tears can be addressed with simple meniscectomy or repair, relatively young patients with irreparable menisci or previous total meniscectomies may benefit from alternative treatment like meniscal allograft transplant. While this can be a technically demanding procedure, many studies report high patient satisfaction and pain reduction.1-3

CONMED’s Meniscus Allograft Transplant Instrumentation features an all-in-one graft preparation station and tibial drilling system. It is easy to learn, use, and reproduce to help eliminate the complexity and variation of meniscus allograft preparation and deliver ideal implantation every time. MTF Biologics meniscal allografts are available in both medial and lateral compartments with tibial bone block. In some cases, patients who receive a meniscal transplantation are also candidates for the opening wedge High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO). Allograft is routinely used to fill the space created from correcting the mechanical axis since autografts add extra time to the procedure and donor site morbidity to the patient.4

Meniscus Allograft Transplant (MAT) Instruments

Simplify preparation and implantation with an all-in-one graft prep and tibial drilling system

meniscus allograft transplant graft preparation table

Meniscus Allografts

For subtotal or total meniscectomy

flat and round meniscus allograft

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