Open Knee Surgery

Simplifying Complex Procedures

Cartilage and Meniscus Procedures

Cartilage Repair

CAM and CartiMax® from MTF Biologics are used for treating cartilage lesions in the knee

two fingers wearing blue latex gloves holding cartimax viable cartilage allograft showing its features

Cartilage Transplant

Osteochondral and contralateral osteochondral allograft transplant with ACT™ instrumentation

three differently shaped round osteochondral allografts

Meniscus Allograft Transplant

Simplify and standardize meniscal allograft preparation and implantation

meniscus allograft transplant graft preparation table


LET Reconstruction

For anchoring the tendon in Lateral Extra-Articular Tenodesis procedures, the strong tendon-in-bone fixation of CONMED anchors can be used

y knot pro rc all suture anchor with black handle angled left

MCL Reconstruction

When the Medial Collateral Ligament becomes completely torn, soft tissue fixation can be used for reconstruction

tip of the exoshape femoral soft tissue fastener

PLC Reconstruction

An approach to restore the original anatomy and function of the Posterolateral corner

tip of the exoshape femoral soft tissue fastener


Revision TKA

Argon Beam Coagulation technology and the ABC® Dissecting Electrodes offer benefits to revision TKA

Treating cartilage is no easy task.

Through our partnership with MTF, we bring you high-quality biologic solutions and simplified instrumentation to go with it. This is complexity made easy.

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