Harness the benefits of Argon Beam Coagulation

For mastectomy and other related procedures, the HelixAR™ ESU with ABC® Technology offers several benefits. The simple to use ABC® Dissecting Electrodes attach to a CONMED ABC® handpiece to convert Argon Beam Coagulation to Argon Beam Dissect. By forcing argon gas over an electrode in contact or non-contact mode, ABC® Dissecting Electrodes may provide reduced smoke in the surgical field. Less tissue damage may occur, as argon gas flowing over the dissection may help to cool tissue at the perimeter of the intended cut.1


HelixAR™ Electrosurgical Generator with ABC® Technology

Combining benefits of specialty modes and Argon Beam Coagulation for open and laparoscopic procedures

side shot of helixar showing its full size and front screen

ABC® Dissecting Electrodes

Converts Argon Beam Coagulation to Dissect, potentially minimizing surgical smoke and tissue damage

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The Hall® Titan® Series is the next generation of powerful, precise, and reliable orthopedic power tools from the name that’s been trusted for over 55 years – Hall® Powered Instruments.

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1 PJW Verco, Case Report and Clinical Technique: Argon Beam Electrosurgery for Tissue Ties and Maxillary Frenectomies in Infants and Children. 2012.