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SmartNail Product Overview

The SmartNail implant is a bioabsorbable bone fixation nail intended for use in the fixation of fracture fragments resulting from trauma or osteochondritis dissecans lesions. The self-reinforced manufacturing process preserves high initial mechanical strength and stiffness of the implants. In the presence of adequate immobilization, the SmartNail implant maintains accurate alignment of small bone fractures and apex fragments, osteochondral fragments, and cancellous non load-bearing fragments after an arthroscopic or open surgery.

SmartNail® (96L/4D) PLA, 1.50mm O.D. x 16.00mm
CAT # 531516
Outer Diameter 1.50mm
Length 16.00mm
SmartNail® (96L/4D) PLA, 1.50mm O.D. x 20.00mm
CAT # 531520
Outer Diameter 1.50mm
Length 20.00mm
SmartNail® (96L/4D) PLA, 1.50mm O.D. x 25.00mm
CAT # 531525
Outer Diameter 1.50mm
Length 25.00mm
SmartNail® (96L/4D) PLA, 2.40mm O.D. x 16.00mm
CAT # 532416
Outer Diameter 2.40mm
Length 16.00mm
SmartNail® (96L/4D) PLA, 2.40mm O.D. x 25.00mm
CAT # 532425
Outer Diameter 2.40mm
Length 25.00mm
SmartNail® (96L/4D) PLA, 2.40mm O.D. x 35.00mm
CAT # 532435
Outer Diameter 2.40mm
Length 35.00mm
SmartNail® (96L/4D) PLA, 2.40mm O.D. x 45.00mm
CAT # 532445
Outer Diameter 2.40mm
Length 45.00mm
SmartNail® OCD - Handle
CAT # aa1520-01
SmartNail® OCD - Housing
CAT # aa1520-04
SmartNail® OCD - Sterilization Plate 2 (Other Instruments)
CAT # stp1524

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