MicroLap® Cautery

Product Overview

Designed for a less invasive approach; the Microlap® line of instruments delivers the strength of 5mm instruments through ports 4x smaller than standard trocars1,2. Potential benefits include smaller wounds and less scarring.1

  • Three-piece Design for Ease of Assembly and Cleaning
  • Comparable Jaw Size to 5mm Instruments
  • Shaft Rigidity of 5mm Instruments2

1Data on File, SurgiQuest 2015 REF 0408150930_01. Wound area comparison between standard market leading 5mm trocar and MicroLap® Trocar.
2Data on File, SurgiQuest 2015 REF 0316151400_00. Bend moment comparison test.

Bipolar Cable
MicroLap® Aspiration Needle
Size 330mm
MicroLap® Bipolar Forceps- Over Tube
MicroLap® Monopolar Coagulation Tip
Size 330mm
MicroLap® Bipolar Forceps- Handle
Monopolar Cable
MicroLap® Bipolar Forceps- Insert
MicroLap® Rounded Stylus
Size 330mm
Bipolar Cable 85530101
Monopolar Cable 80100221
MicroLap® Aspiration Needle lil-pn-33
MicroLap® Bipolar Forceps- Over Tube lil-btu-35
MicroLap® Monopolar Coagulation Tip lil-ct-33
MicroLap® Bipolar Forceps- Handle lil-h-bp
MicroLap® Bipolar Forceps- Insert lil-ib-fs-35
MicroLap® Rounded Stylus lil-rs-33