Evans and Cotton Wedges

Pre-Shaped Allograft Wedges

Product Overview

The ENHANCE® line provides allograft solutions for small bone procedures such as mid-foot and fore-foot deformity correction, flatfoot deformity correction, interpositional arthroplasty, bone grafting, fracture reconstruction, and osteotomy fixation.

Evans Wedge 6.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT 403106
Wedge 6.00mm
Evans Wedge 8.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT 403108
Wedge 8.00mm
Evans Wedge 10.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT 403120
Wedge 10.00mm
Evans Wedge 12.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT 403122
Wedge 12.00mm
Evans Wedge 14.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT 403124
Wedge 14.00mm
Evans Wedge 16.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT 403126
Wedge 16.00mm
Cotton Wedge 5.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT 403205
Wedge 5.00mm
Cotton Wedge 6.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT 403206
Wedge 6.00mm
Cotton Wedge 7.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT 403207
Wedge 7.00mm
Cotton Wedge 8.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT 403208
Wedge 8.00mm

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