BiCap® III Electrosurgical Unit

Product Overview

BiCap III Electrosurgical Unit (ESU) incorporates ConMed’s Dynamic Response technology, which reacts to different tissue impedances in less than 1 millisecond ensuring a consistent delivery of power and clinical effect while minimizing surrounding tissue damage.

  • Front panel volume control
  • Option to select automatic programming which restores the BiCap III to last settings used
  • Pulse Cut Mode provides precise energy bursts for critical dissections
BiCap® III Monopolar Footswitch, Low Profile
CAT 60-6700-001
Cable Length 15.00ft (4.57m)
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 1
BiCap® III ESU 120.00V
CAT 60-8512-120
BiCap® III System Including Footpedals
CAT 60-8512-sys