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Y-Knot® Flex Présentation du produit

With it's small size and innovative instrumentation, the Y-Knot® Flex System was designed to help achieve optimal anchor placement. The anchors provide up to 55% greater fixation strength than conventional 3.0mm press fit anchors while removing up to 80% less bone.1 The curved and percutaneous delivery systems enable delivery around a curve and perpendicular placement for posterior SLAP and inferior Bankart repairs.

This can also be used for PASTA repair, Distal and Proximal Biceps repair, and Lateral Ankle Instability.

NEW! Y-Knot® PRO Flex
The Y-Knot® PRO combines our Y-Knot® anchor with a new, cleat-less suture release technology. The Y-Knot® PRO:

  • Eliminates the need for un-cleating sutures after implanting the anchor by providing a more efficient delivery system.
  • Available on all Y-Knot® Flex anchors.

NEW! Y-Knot® Flex with Hi-Fi® Ribbon
Hi-Fi® Ribbon is a 1.3mm wide, flat, tie-able tape. Ribbon is:

  • 2X wider than #2 suture for broader compression and increased tendon-to-bone interface
  • 14.0% stronger than high-strength USP #2 suture 2
  • Smaller knot stacks than USP #2 suture 3

Y-Knot® Flex with #2 Suture
#2 Hi-Fi® Suture is:

  • A braided, non-absorbable suture for soft tissue repair designed to provide exceptional strength for knot tying while helping minimize tendon damage
  • CONMED’s #2 Hi-Fi® Suture was shown to reduce mean cutting rate by over 50% when compared to FiberWire and FiberTape, which were more abrasive on the suture-tendon interface and led to higher tendon tear-through. 4

1 Data on file. White Paper. Summary of Peer Reviewed Literature: Fixation Strength Comparison of 1.3mm Y-Knot All-Suture Anchor to Other Glenoid Anchors in Cortical Bone. M2013360
2 Data on file: TR18-00183-1 and TR12-441
3 Data on file: TR17-01219
4 Deranlot J, Maurel N, Diop A, Nourissat G, et al. Abrasive Properties of Braided Polyblend Sutures in Cuff Tendon Repair: An in Vitro Biomechanical Study Exploring Regular and Tape Sutures. Arthroscopy 2014; 30:1569-73

Y-Knot® Flex All-Suture Anchor, 1.3mm – Single Loaded with One Strand of #2 Hi-Fi®
Measurement 1.3mm
Strand Amount Single
Color White/Blue
Y-Knot® Flex All-Suture Anchor, 1.8mm - Double Loaded with two strands of #2 Hi-Fi®
Measurement 1.8mm
Strand Amount Two
Color White/Black
Y-Knot® Pro Flex 1.3mm Anchor, #2 Hi-F (White/Black)
Measurement 1.3mm
Strand Amount Single
Color White/Black
Y-Knot® Pro Flex 1.3mm Anchor, #2 Hi-Fi (Blue)
Measurement 1.3mm
Strand Amount Single
Color Blue
Drill Bits
1.3mm Disposable Drill Bit, for Hard Bone
1.3mm Disposable Drill Bit
Size 1.3mm
1.8mm Disposable Drill Bit
Size 1.8mm
Standard Instrumentation
Drill Guide, Fishmouth
Drill Guide, Crown
Blunt Obturator
Sharp Trocar
Drill Guide, Fishmouth, for 1.8mm Anchor (Optional)
Drill Guide, Crown, for 1.8mm Anchor (Optional)
Curved Instrumentation
Curved Drill Guide
Curved Drill Guide, for 1.8mm Anchor (Optional)
Disposable Flexible Obturator, Blunt
Disposable Flexible Trocar, Sharp
Percutaneous Instrumentation
1.3mm Disposable Percutaneous Pack with T-Guide
1.8mm Disposable Percutaneous Pack with T-Guide
Disposable Percutaneous Pack for Y-G00x Slim Reusable Guides
Bio Instability Surgical Instrument Tray

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Ce que disent nos clients.«Pour une réparation PASTA transtendineuse simple et rapide, j’utilise deux ancrages toutes sutures à double chargement Y-Knot® Flex médialement et un ancrage sans nœud ®PopLok latéralement.»

John Randle, Docteur en médecine
Ontario, Canada
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