Robotic-Assisted eTEP Hernia Repair

The performance of AirSeal® streamlined into your da Vinci procedure workflow

Robotic technology facilitates reproduction of complex abdominal wall reconstruction with retro-muscular placement of prosthesis in a minimally invasive fashion. A transabdominal approach is typically used, often using additional myofascial release in the form of transversus abdominis release. CONMED AirSeal® can assist the surgeon in overcoming procedural challenges by offering effective smoke evacuation while maintaining a stable pneumoperitoneum at low pressure, even if there are pneumoperitoneum leaks into the abdomen. Clinical data has shown reduced PACU stay, shorter procedure times and reduced length of stay.1-4

AirSeal® Robotic Solution

Fully compatible with da Vinci X and XI systems so you can incorporate AirSeal® technology without the extra trocar

airseal robotic solution tubing and access port connected to each other

AirSeal® iFS

An access management platform that can improve the surgical experience by offering constant smoke evacuation* and increasing visualization with stable pneumoperitoneum, thus reducing procedure times4

airseal ifs system facing left showing features on display screen and tubing connection

When lives are in your hands, every detail matters...

including what you can't see.

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* Constant smoke evacuation is only available in AirSeal and Smoke Evacuation modes.
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