Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM)

A closure solution that is optimized for visualization in tight spaces

POEM is a minimally invasive, yet definitive, flexible endoscopic surgery that mirrors the conventional laparoscopic surgical myotomy in both form and function to treat achalasia. POEM involves the creation of an endoscopic submucosal tunnel within the wall of the distal esophagus to serve as a conduit for subsequent myotomy.1 The esophageal mucosotomy defect must be closed prior to completion of the procedure and is usually performed with endoscopic clipping.2

DuraClip® Hemostasis Clip

Offering a true 1:1 rotation and a flexible distal end of the catheter designed to provide better access to tissue for ideal clip placement

fully opened duraclip hemostasis clip in scope

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