Hall® Titan® Powered Instruments System

Hall® Titan® Product Overview

Refined for peak performance, the Hall® Titan® Series is the next generation of powerful, precise, and reliable orthopedic power tools from the name that’s been trusted for over 55 years – Hall® Powered Instruments.

Clinical Performance

  • Powerful – Hall® lithium batteries deliver high torque, long-lasting power.
  • Exacting – Variable speed control and anti-vibration design engineered for controlled precision.
  • Comfortable – Ergonomic design1 and reduced weight2 for optimal user comfort.

Operational Efficiency

  • Simple – One-Step Sterilization reduces steps by allowing handpieces and batteries to be sterilized in the same tray at the same time.
  • Reliable – IPX 6, IPX 8, IPX 9 ratings provide market-leading water intrusion protection.3
  • Efficient – Rapid-charging, UL-approved autoclavable lithium batteries eliminate blue wrap and tedious separate sterilization cycles.

Total Value

  • Versatile – Single system platform reduces costs by using one system for large and small bone procedures.
  • Universal – Backwards and forwards compatible so you’ll never be forced to buy expensive new attachments when you want to upgrade your handpieces.
  • Cost-Effective – Lower initial purchase costs and lower lifetime operational costs.4

1Data on File, UL file E350964-A10. 
2Compared to Hall 50™ Handpieces
3Data on File, UL file E350964-D1012-1/A2/C0-UL, TR13-853 and TR14-008
4Compared to Stryker Systems that require two different handpieces for large and small bone and non-autoclavable batteries that require separate, more costly sterilization.

1-Trigger Modular Drill
CAT # pro9100b
2-Trigger Modular Drill
CAT # pro9200b
Oscillating Saw
CAT # pro9300b
Primecut+™ Oscillating Saw
CAT # pro9350b
Reciprocating Saw
CAT # pro9400b
Sternum Saw
CAT # pro9450b

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