Hall 50™ Powered Instruments System

Hall 50™ Product Overview

Built upon 50 years of dependable power and engineering expertise, the Hall 50™ System combines precise performance, reliable power and convenient sterilization into one solution that delivers unmatched value for hospitals, surgeons and OR staff.

Consistent, Long-Lasting Power: Hall 50™ handpieces with UL-approved autoclavable lithium batteries deliver twice the power, capacity and operating time of a standard battery

* Improved Control: Hall 50™ handpieces feature variable speed triggers with 400 levels of speed controlled by how far you pull the trigger– providing more precise manipulation of blade and drill speed.

The handpieces have also been engineered to produce less vibration and noise.

One-Step Sterilization: The Hall 50™ System is the only powered instrument system that allows the batteries, handpieces and attachments to be sterilized together in the same tray at the same time. The Hall 50™ System is backward and forward compatible which means you can use it with both our old and future equipment – delivering better long term value and giving you more for your investment. Hall 50™ handpieces are engineered with TRI-SEAL™ Technology, an advanced triple-sealing which gives the handpieces superior resistance to moisture intrusion. Hall 50™ handpieces have ingress protection ratings of IPX6 and IPX8, indicating resistance to moisture intrusion in the presence of high pressure water jets and submersion. The Hall 50™ system has the highest IPX rating of any handpiece on the market.

* ConMed Linvatec autoclavable NiCad PRO3011 battery

Large Bone Capital
Hall 50™ 3/4-Size Inner Tray, Full Set
CAT # pro7000t
Length 16.15"
Width 9.95"
Height 5.13
Weight 1574 grams
Hall 50™ 1/2-Size Inner Tray, Drill Set
CAT # pro7001t
Length 7.76"
Width 9.95"
Height 4.88"
Weight 710 grams
Hall 50™ 1/2-Size Inner Tray, Saw Set
CAT # pro7002t
Hall 50™ 1-Trigger Modular Handpiece
CAT # pro7100b
Hall 50™ 2-Trigger Modular Handpiece
CAT # pro7200b
Hall 50™ Oscillating Saw Battery Handpiece
CAT # pro7300b
Hall 50™ Reciprocating Saw Battery Handpiece
CAT # pro7400b
Hall 50™ Sternum Saw Battery Handpiece
CAT # pro7450b

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