PopLok® Knotless Suture Anchors - 3.5/4.5mm

PopLok® Product Overview

The all-PEEK PopLok® Knotless Suture Anchors 3.5/4.5mm provide reliable and reproducible tendon-to-bone fixation for rotator cuff repair. The unique suture locking mechanism traps suture within the anchor, resulting in dependable fixation. The PopLok Knotless Suture Anchor also has the ability to tension the suture after the anchor is seated in the pilot hole. When the anchor is “popped,” the wings are deployed subcortically to provide secure fixation in the bone.

PopLok can also be used for Superior Capsular Reconstruction, PASTA repair, and MQTFL Reconstruction.

4.50mm PopLok® Suture Anchor with Two #2 Hi-Fi® Sutures
CAT # ckp-4502
Diameter 4.50mm
Length 11.00mm
3.50mm PopLok® Suture Anchor with One #2 Hi-Fi® Suture
CAT # ckp-3501
Diameter 3.50mm
Length 11.00mm
Instability PopLok® Obturator
CAT # btr-00m
Instability PopLok® Guide
CAT # bgu-00m
3.50mm PopLok® Suture Anchor
CAT # ckp-3500
Diameter 3.50mm
Length 11.00mm
3.50mm PopLok® Punch
CAT # pkl-35m
Measurement 3.50mm
4.50mm PopLok® Punch
CAT # pkl-45m
Measurement 4.50mm
4.50mm PopLok® Suture Anchor
CAT # ckp-4500
Diameter 4.50mm
Length 11.00mm
Hip Instrumentation
PopLok® Cannulated Obturator
CAT # btr-hip

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