Y-Knot® Flex All-Suture Anchor

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Y-Knot® Flex Product Overview

With the market’s smallest double-loaded anchor1 and innovative instrumentation, the Y-Knot Flex System was designed to help achieve optimal anchor placement. The anchors provide 55% greater fixation strength than conventional 3.0mm press fit anchors while removing up to 80% less bone.1 The curved and percutaneous delivery systems enable delivery around a curve and perpendicular placement for posterior SLAP and inferior Bankart repairs.

This can also be used for PASTA repair, Distal and Proximal Biceps repair, UCL repair, and Lateral Ankle Instability.

1 Data on File.

Y-Knot® Flex All-Suture Anchor, 1.3mm – Single Loaded with One Strand of #2 Hi-Fi®
CAT # y1301
Measurement 1.3mm
Strand Amount Single
Color White/Blue
Y-Knot® Flex All-Suture Anchor, 1.80mm – Double Loaded with two strands of #2 Hi-Fi®
CAT # y1802
Measurement 1.80mm
Strand Amount Two
Color White - Blue and White - Black
Y-Knot® Flex All-Suture Anchor, 1.8mm - Double Loaded with two strands of #2 Hi-Fi®
CAT # y1802a
Measurement 1.8mm
Strand Amount Two
Color White/Black
Drill Bits
1.3mm Disposable Drill Bit
CAT # y13d
Size 1.3mm
1.8mm Disposable Drill Bit
CAT # y18d
Size 1.8mm
1.3mm Disposable Drill Bit, for Hard Bone
CAT # y13dhb
Standard Instrumentation
Drill Guide, Fishmouth
CAT # y-g001
Drill Guide, Crown
CAT # y-g002
Blunt Obturator
CAT # y-g003
Sharp Trocar
CAT # y-g004
Drill Guide, Fishmouth, for 1.8mm Anchor (Optional)
CAT # y-g005
Drill Guide, Crown, for 1.8mm Anchor (Optional)
CAT # y-g006
Curved Instrumentation
Curved Drill Guide
CAT # y-cg00
Curved Drill Guide, for 1.8mm Anchor (Optional)
CAT # y-cg01
Disposable Flexible Obturator, Blunt
CAT # y-obt1
Disposable Flexible Trocar, Sharp
CAT # y-obt2
Percutaneous Instrumentation
1.3mm Disposable Percutaneous Pack with T-Guide
CAT # y-perc13
1.8mm Disposable Percutaneous Pack with T-Guide
CAT # y-perc18
Disposable Percutaneous Pack for Y-G00x Slim Reusable Guides
CAT # y-perc
Bio Instability Surgical Instrument Tray
CAT # c6178

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