Arthroscopic Resection System

Product Overview

CONMED's  next generation of powered instrument consoles for arthroscopic resection, the NEW D4000A has intuitive features that deliver new levels of simplicity, versatility and performance:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Automatic Fluid Adjustment with ConMed’s 24k® Pump
  • Two plug and play handpiece ports provides continuous, uninterrupted power
  • Versatile -  supports 31 handpieces, 5 languages, features built-in wireless connectivity to support multiple wireless foot controllers and allows for customizable user-profiles
  • The D4000A features a standalone pump with irrigation or handpiece cooling for ENT applications. This console is also IEC 60601 3rd Edition compliant. 
D4000A Arthro Power Console with Irrigation
CAT# d4000a
Height 5.6"(14.2cm)
Width 14"(35.6cm)
Depth 16.5"(41.9cm)