ENHANCE® Deformity Correction Allografts

ENHANCE® Product Overview

The ENHANCE® line provides allograft solutions for small bone procedures such as mid-foot and fore-foot deformity correction, flatfoot deformity correction, interpositional arthroplasty, bone grafting, fracture reconstruction, and osteotomy fixation.

5cc (1.00 - 5.00mm) Milled Cancellous Chips: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 400105
cc 5.00
Chips 1.00 - 5.00mm
Arch Wedge 5.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 403305
Wedge 5.00mm
Cotton Wedge 7.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 403207
Wedge 7.00mm
Evans Wedge 6.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 403106
Wedge 6.00mm
2.00cm X 2.00cm X 3.00mm Flexible Cancellous Sheet: Dehydrated
CAT # 423002
Length 2.00cm
Width 2.00cm
Height 3.00mm
Cotton Wedge 8.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 403208
Wedge 8.00mm
ALLOFIX® Cortical Pins 2.00mm X 4.00cm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 400920
Diameter 2.00mm
Length 4.00cm
ENHANCE® Demineralized Cortical Fibers BMA Needle with Syringe
CAT # 910042
Arch Wedge 7.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 403307
Wedge 7.00mm
Meniscus without Tibial Plateau: Frozen
CAT # 430600
2.00cm X 4.00cm X 3.00mm Flexible Cancellous Sheet: Dehydrated
CAT # 42304
Length 2.00cm
Width 4.00cm
Height 3.00mm
Arch Wedge 8.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 403308
Wedge 8.00mm
Arch Wedge 6.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 403306
Wedge 6.00mm
Evans Wedge 8.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 403108
Wedge 8.00mm
Cotton Wedge 5.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 403205
Wedge 5.00mm
ENHANCE® Demineralized Cortical Fibers (10cc)
CAT # 422206
cc 10.00
5cc (0.50 - 3.00mm) Demineralized Cortical/Cancellous Granules: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 420045
cc 5.00
Chips 0.50 - 3.00mm
ENHANCE® Demineralized Cortical Fibers (5cc)
CAT # 422205
cc 5.00
ENHANCE® Demineralized Cortical Fibers (2.5cc)
CAT # 422204
cc 2.50
Cotton Wedge 6.00mm: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 403206
Wedge 6.00mm
ENHANCE® Demineralized Cortical Fibers with Syringe (5cc)
CAT # 422105
cc 5.00
5cc (1.70 - 7.00mm) Milled Cancellous Chips: Freeze-Dried
CAT # 420036
cc 5.00
Chips 1.70 - 7.00mm

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