Osteochondral Allografts

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Osteochondral Allografts Product Overview

Available exclusively from CONMED through MTF Biologics, osteochondral allografts with the Missouri Osteochondral Allograft Preservation System (MOPS℠) provide nearly double the storage-life with increased viable chondrocyte density.1

  • Higher Viable Cell Density1

MOPS allografts maintained 98.8% viable cell density at 40 to 55 days, compared to Standard of Care (SOC) allografts, which maintained only 22.9% viable cell density at 21 to 28 days after procurement1. Importantly, all MOPS allografts evaluated in the study had higher than the desired minimum essential viability level of 70%, while only 27% of SOC grafts evaluated exceeded the desired level at the time of implantation1.

  • Longer Shelf Life1

MOPS allografts maintained 98.8% viable cell density at 40 to 55 days1 – giving surgeons and their patients significantly more time to schedule the surgery. Meanwhile studies show that mean chondrocyte viability in osteochondral allografts stored using the current standard tissue bank protocols progressively declines and falls below the minimum essential level by 28 days from the time of procurement.1.2

  • Lower Revision Rates1

MOPS allografts had a revision rate of only 2%, while the SOC allograft revision rate was 11.5%1. Additionally, MOPS allografts had no early failures (6-24 months, mean = 12 months postop), compared to SOC allografts, which demonstrated an early failure rate of 3.8%.1

  • Patient-Matched Grafts

Due to the nature of this very desirable tissue and limited availability, MTF Biologics offers graft matching services specifically designed to provide orthopedic surgeons with the best possible anatomically matched allografts to meet each individual patient’s unique needs.3

1Stoker et al. “Chondrocyte Viability at Time of Transplantation for Osteochondral Allografts Preserved by the Missouri Osteochondral Preservation System versus Standard Tissue Bank Protocol.” Journal of Knee Surgery. Volume 31, Issue 8, pp. 772-780, September 2018
2Cook et al. “Importance of Donor Chondrocyte Viability for Osteochondral Allografts.” The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Vol 44, Issue 5, pp. 1260 – 1268. February 26, 2016
3Data on File, MTF Biologics

MOPS Fem Condyle Med Left OC
CAT # mops20
MOPS Fem Condyle Lat Left OC
CAT # mops21
MOPS Fem Condyle Med Right OC
CAT # mops22
MOPS Fem Condyle Lat Right OC
CAT # mops23
MOPS Distal Femur Left OC
CAT # mops24
MOPS Distal Femur Right OC
CAT # mops25
MOPS Humeral Head Left
CAT # mops11
MOPS Humeral Head Right
CAT # mops12
MOPS Patella Left OC
CAT # mops15
MOPS Patella Right OC
CAT # mops16
MOPS Left Ankle OC
CAT # mops41
MOPS Right Ankle OC
CAT # mops42
MOPS Tibial Plateau w/Meniscus Left OC
CAT # mops54
MOPS Tibial Plateau w/Meniscus Right OC
CAT # mops55
MOPS Femoral Head Left
CAT # mops60
MOPS Femoral Head Right
CAT # mops70
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