MTF Tissue Specifications




How we measure our soft tissue allografts:

MTF takes precise care in accurately capturing and recording all dimensions and aspects of their allograft tendons. Two key dimensions of a soft tissue allograft are its folded diameter and its diameter. The following section illustrates the methods they use for determining those measurements. 

To capture a folded diameter, a suture is placed on top of the tendon mid-way down its length, then fold it in half over the suture. (See figure 1.)  Using minimal force, the front part of the tendon is advanced (nearest to the suture) into sequentially smaller diameter holes until the tendon is visible from the hole. (See figure 2.)

For measuring the unfolded diameter of the tendon, a similar approach is taken to the folded diameter method. Using a force clamp, the end of the tendon is secured and advanced through sequentially smaller holes in a gauge until the tendon can no longer be pulled through . (See figures 3 and 4.)

        Figure 1
. The tendon is folded over a suture.

Figure 2.
The tendon is advanced through the hole         
in the gauge for folded diameter measurement.       

        Figure 3.
The tendon is advanced through gauge
       unfolded for the diameter measurement. 

Figure 4.
The tendon is fitted through the gauge         
opening for the diameter measurement.         

Allograft Tendons

Anterior Tibialis Tendon

Order No.
 L  W  FD  D
   430335  22-38cm  6-12mm  6-12mm  3-12mm

Posterior Tibialis Tendon

 W  Frozen
Order No.
 L  W  FD  D
   430340  22-38cm  6-12mm  6-12mm  3-12mm

Peroneus longus Tendon

 W  Frozen
Order No.
 L  W  FD  D
   430345  22-38cm  7-12mm  6-12mm  3-12mm

Semitendinosus Tendon

 W  Frozen
Order No.
 L  W  FD  D
   430350  26-38cm  3-10mm  6-12mm  3-12mm
      430355    22-25.9cm    3-10mm    3-12mm    3-12mm 

Gracilis Tendon

 W  Frozen
Order No.
 L  W  FD  D
   430300  22-38cm  3-10mm  3-12mm  3-12mm

Allograft Tendons with Bone Blocks

Patella Bone-Tendon-Bone 

 Order No.
 L  W  X  Z  Q Y T
430005 Hemi w/ Quadriceps 8-14cm  10-13mm  30-60mm   7-13mm  30-80mm  25-30mm  10-13mm
430010 Hemi w/ Quadriceps  8-14cm   13-30mm  30-60mm    7-25mm  30-80mm   25-30mm   16-30mm 
430034  Wholew/5cm Quadriceps  13-20cm  13-40mm  30-80mm   7-30mm 50-80mm   80-85mm   16-30mm  
430036 Wholew/8cm Quadriceps  13-20cm  13-40mm  30-80mm    7-30mm   80-100mm   80-85mm  16-30mm  
 Order No.

 L Yt  Yp   T P
430007  Hemi w/Shaped Bone Blocks   8-13cm  9.5-10mm  30-53mm   25-27mm  25-27mm 6-8mm  6-8mm 
 Order No.
 430015 Hemi w/o Shaped Bone Blocks  8-14cm    13-30mm  30-53mm 16-30mm  25-30mm  7-25mm   7-20mm

Quadriceps Tendon

 Order No.
 L  W  Y  T  Z
430700 w/ Patella 16.25-25cm  10-20mm  24-40mm   7-25mm  -
430705 w/o Patella  16.25-25cm   10-20mm  - - -
 430707 w/ Shaped Patella  ≥16.25-30cm  10-19mm   25-30mm 6-8mm  9.5-10mm     

Achilles Tendon

 Order No.
 L  W  Y  T  Z
430200 w/ Calcaneus 19.5-38cm  10-20mm  20-40mm   13-30mm  16-35mm
430207 w/ Shaped Bone Blocks  19.5-38cm   10-18mm  25-30mm 9.5-10mm 6-8mm
 430205 w/ Calcaneus  16-19.4cm  10-20mm   20-40mm 13-30mm  16-35mm     
 430521 w/o Calcaneus  16-19.4cm  10-20mm     


Key    Without bone blocks
  With bone blocks

L (Length) Entire length of tendon
Entire length of tendon including the bone block(s)

W (Width)    Minimum width of the tendon.  Minimum width of the tendon
T (Thickness)  N/A Thickness of the bone block and tendon measured anterior to posterior 
N/A Minimum measurement of bone block measured medial to lateral 
N/A  Length of the bone block proximal to distal 
N/A  Minimum distance between proximal tibia and distal patella bone blocks 
Q N/A  Length of quadriceps tendon from attachment to the patella to cut end 
N/A  Minimum thickness of the patellar block (including tendon), measured anterior to posterior 
Yp  N/A  Minimum distance proximal to distal of the patellar block 
Yt  N/A  Minimum distance proximal to distal of the tibial block 
FD  The minimum tunnel diameter through which the folded tendon can be inserted  N/A 
he minimum tunnel diameter the unfolded tendon can be pulled through