Meniscus Allograft Transplant (MAT) Instruments

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Meniscus Allograft Transplant (MAT) Instruments Product Overview

Designed to simplify and standardize meniscus allograft preparation and implantation, CONMED’s NEW Meniscus Transplant Instrumentation features an all-in-one graft preparation station and tibial drilling system. This instrumentation is easy to learn, use and reproduce to help eliminate the complexity and variation of meniscus allograft preparation and deliver ideal implantation every time.

MAT Single-Use Products - Pin, Blunt 2.4mm
CAT # c-gs24p
MAT Single-Use Products - Drill 2.4mm
CAT # c-gs24d
MAT Reusable Products - Chisel 10mm
CAT # c-gs10c
MAT Reusable Products - Vertical Fence
CAT # c-gs10v
MAT Reusable Products - Rounding Shaver #2 10mm
CAT # c-gs012
MAT Reusable Products - Graft Station
CAT # c-gs010
MAT Reusable Products - Horizonal Fence
CAT # c-gs10h
MAT Reusable Products - Drill Guide
CAT # c-gs020
MAT Reusable Products - Meniscus Transplant Instrument Insert Tray
CAT # c-gs02t
CONMED Container, 3/4 Size, 6 in Height
CAT # inst-c346
MAT Reusable Products - Rasp
CAT # c-gs10r
MAT Single-Use Products - Intrex Large Bone Oscillating Saw Blade (Bone Saw) 25.0 x 90.0 x 1.0mm
CAT # 5071-327
MAT Reusable Products - Sleeve, Drill Guide 2.4mm
CAT # c-gs021
MAT Reusable Products - Guide Rod, Chisel
CAT # c-gs10g
MAT Reusable Products - Beveling Shaver #1 10mm
CAT # c-gs011
MAT Reusable Products - Shaver Clamp
CAT # c-gs030
MAT Single-Use Products - Drill, Cannulated 10mm
CAT # c-gs10d

Video: Dr. Robertson - Meniscus Allograft Transplant
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