Zone Specific® II Meniscal Repair System

Zone Specific® II Product Overview

This complete system specifically designed for inside-out meniscal repair procedures features cannulas, needles and rasps. Six pre-bent cannulas provide optimum access to all zones of the meniscus with funnel ends that make the loading of needles safe and easy, and fluid venting ports direct fluid away from the surgeon. Double-arm meniscal repair needles are made of stainless steel, and are ultrathin and strong, yet flexible for easy passage. They have #2/0 high strength suture conveniently pre-attached. Meniscal repair needles are made of flexible nitinol, and have a large eyelet at one end to permit easy threading of suture material.

Zone Specific® - Right Anterior
CAT # 8532
Angle Right
Zone Specific® - Right Middle
CAT # 8539
Angle Right
Zone Specific® - Right Posterior
CAT # 8530
Angle Right
Zone Specific® - Left Anterior
CAT # 8533
Angle Left
Zone Specific® - Left Middle
CAT # 8540
Angle Left
Zone Specific® - Left Posterior
CAT # 8531
Angle Left
Zone Specific® - Original Protective Cap Set
CAT # 8557
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 6
Zone Specific® - Meniscal Repair Needles (Nitinol)
CAT # 8570
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 10
Packaged Sterile

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