XO Button® Cortical Fixation Device

XO Button® Product Overview

The XO Button® is a strong and secure implant for extracortical soft tissue fixation in cruciate reconstructions. The XO Button design incorporates a bulbous eye enabling easy flipping, central seating of the implant in the tunnel and increased cortical surface contact for better fixation. The continuous loop is tightly woven and pre-stretched to remove creep prior to implantation. For additional versatility, the XO Button is currently the only device with a technique that offers options for implant repositioning after seating. XO Buttons are available in a wide range of sizes (15mm-60mm) to allow surgeons to maximize length of graft in the femoral socket.

XO Button® with 15.00mm Continuous Loop
CAT # t5015
Measurement 15.00mm
XO Button® with 20.00mm Continuous Loop
CAT # t5020
Measurement 20.00mm
XO Button® with 25.00mm Continuous Loop
CAT # t5025
Measurement 25.00mm
XO Button® with 30.00mm Continuous Loop
CAT # t5030
Measurement 30.00mm
XO Button® with 35.00mm Continuous Loop
CAT # t5035
Measurement 35.00mm
XO Button® with 40.00mm Continuous Loop
CAT # t5040
Measurement 40.00mm
XO Button® with 45.00mm Continuous Loop
CAT # t5045
Measurement 45.00mm
XO Button® with 50.00mm Continuous Loop
CAT # t5050
Measurement 50.00mm
XO Button® with 55.00mm Continuous Loop
CAT # t5055
Measurement 55.00mm
XO Button® with 60.00mm Continuous Loop
CAT # t5060
Measurement 60.00mm
XO Button® Drill Bit
CAT # c8590
Diameter 5.00mm
Length 229.00mm
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 4
XO Button® Graft Passing Guide Pin 2.40mm X 43.00cm
CAT # c8676
Diameter 2.40mm
Length 43.00cm
Concept® GraFix® - XO Button® Holder
CAT # ps8834

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Video: Curved Anatomic Soft Tissue ACL Reconstruction Using XO Button