Infinity™ Tibial Button and Adjustable Free Loop

Infinity™ Tibial Button Product Overview

Infinity™ Tibial Button

  • Provides tibial suspensory fixation for all-inside procedures
  • Open cleat design allows for attachment of button to the Infinity™ Adjustable Free Loop

Infinity™ Adjustable Free Loop

  • Combines with the Infinity™ Tibial Button to provide tibial suspensory fixation for all-inside procedures
  • Preloaded with a locking suture that prevents unintentional loop tensioning during graft prep and placement
  • Dual-friction locks provide secure fixation
Infinity™* Implants *Not available in all markets
Infinity™ Standard Tibial Button
CAT # ktb014
Infinity™ Large Tibial Button
CAT # ktb017
Infinity™ Adjustable Free Loop
CAT # kfl100

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