Bullseye® Femoral and Tibial Footprint Guides

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Bullseye® Product Overview

Proper femoral and tibial tunnel placement is fundamental in cruciate reconstruction. The Bullseye® Native Footprint Ruler is used to measure the patient’s native femoral and tibial footprint to determine appropriate graft size and tunnel placement. The Bullseye Femoral and Tibial Footprint Guides provide surgeons a safe, accurate and reproducible technique to locate and size the tunnels based on the patient’s natural anatomy.

Bullseye ® Femoral Off-Set Guide, 5.00mm
CAT # c8650
Measurement 5.00mm
Bullseye ® Femoral Off-Set Guide, 6.00mm
CAT # c8660
Measurement 6.00mm
Bullseye ® Femoral Off-Set Guide, 7.00mm
CAT # c8670
Measurement 7.00mm
Bullseye ® Femoral Off-Set Guide, 8.00mm
CAT # 8680a
Measurement 8.00mm
Bullseye ® Femoral Footprint Guide, 5.00mm
CAT # sb5000
Measurement 5.00mm
Bullseye ® Femoral Footprint Guide, 6.00mm
CAT # sb6000
Measurement 6.00mm
Bullseye ® Femoral Footprint Guide, 7.00mm
CAT # sb7000
Measurement 7.00mm
Bullseye ® Femoral Footprint Guide, 8.00mm
CAT # sb8000
Measurement 8.00mm
Bullseye ® Femoral Footprint Guide, 9.00mm
CAT # sb9000
Measurement 9.00mm
Bullseye ® Femoral Footprint Guide, 10.00mm
CAT # sb10000
Measurement 10.00mm
Bullseye ® Femoral Footprint Guide, 11.00mm
CAT # sb11000
Measurement 11.00mm
5.00mm Bullseye ® Tibial Footprint Guide
CAT # db5tam
Measurement 5.00mm
Degree 45
6.00mm Bullseye ® Tibial Footprint Guide
CAT # db6tam
Measurement 6.00mm
Degree 45
7.00mm Bullseye ® Tibial Footprint Guide
CAT # db7tam
Measurement 7.00mm
Degree 45
8.00mm Bullseye ® Tibial Footprint Guide
CAT # db8tam
Measurement 8.00mm
Degree 45
PCL Pin-Sleeve
CAT # c8728
PCL Guide Pin, Etched
CAT # c8729
Diameter 2.40mm
Length 229.00
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 5
PCL Guide Arm (for use with 8731)
CAT # c8732

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