Infinity™ Modular Guide System

Infinity™ Product Overview

The Infinity™ Modular Guide System is an all-in-one solution that’s designed to allow multiple procedures and techniques with one, comprehensive platform.

Infinity™ Guide Arms - The Infinity Modular Guide System features five guide arms that accommodate both ACL & PCL procedures including options for all-inside approaches

Infinity Guide Sleeves - Infinity Modular Guide System features three guide sleeves that accommodate both standard 2.4mm guide pin drilling and all-inside approaches

Infinity™ Guide Body - The guide body's centering feature is designed to prevent off-target drilling, while for convenience, the quick latch feature makes switching between and removing guide sleeves fast and easy

Infinity™* Guides *Not available in all markets
Infinity™ ACL/PCL Femoral Footprint Guide
CAT # kfa100
Infinity™ ACL Tibial Footprint Guide
CAT # kta100
Infinity™ ACL Tibial Elbow Guide
CAT # kte100
Infinity™ ACL Tibial Tip Guide
CAT # ktt100
Infinity™ PCL Tibial Guide
CAT # ktp100
Infinity™ Guide Sleeve Straight
CAT # kts124
Infinity™ Guide Sleeve Angled
CAT # kts224
Infinity™ All-Inside Guide Sleeve
CAT # kts135
Infinity™ Guide Body
CAT # kgb100

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