AssistArm® Surgical Limb Positioner

AssistArm® Product Overview

Tactile feel during arm movement is essential to assess ligament and muscle tension, as well as validate range of motion. The AssistArm® delivers unparalleled precision for beach chair and lateral decubitus shoulder procedures. Using the traction unit in lateral decubitus, the surgeon is able to apply precise traction and rotation when and where needed. The surgical assist team does not need to hold the limb and can focus on other critical tasks. The AssistArm limb positioner can be used in arthroscopic and open shoulder surgeries, upper-limb trauma, and total shoulder arthroplasty. AssistArm can also be used in knee arthroscopy (ACL, meniscus, trauma), unicondylar knee replacement, and total knee replacement. The ambidextrous knee attachment gives surgical teams the singlehanded ability to:

  • Easily maintain desired distraction to access operative compartment
  • Achieve hyperflexion, full extension and figure-4 positioning without requiring assistance to manipulate and hold the limb in position
AssistArm® Traction Unit
CAT # aa-trac400
AssistArm® Sterile Kit for Shoulder and Knee (Pack of 10)
CAT # aa-sk-kit10
AssistArm® Arm Support for Shoulder (Beach Chair)
CAT # aa-as-bc200
AssistArm® Arm Support for Lateral Decubitus
CAT # aa-as-ld500
AssistArm® Knee Attachment
CAT # aa-k600
AssistArm® Connector
CAT # aa-con250
AssistArm® Surgical Positioner
CAT # aa-psn100
AssistArm® Ankle Attachment
CAT # aa-a700
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AssistArm® Ankle Attachment
CAT # aa-a-kit10
Qty Pack of 10

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