Paradigm™ Tactile Needle

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Paradigm™ Tactile Needle Product Overview

Engineered with safety in mind, the Tactile Needle is not only sharp enough to pierce the capsule but for safety, it features a spring-loaded obturator. This reduces the risk of damage to surrounding tissue and articular cartilage while in open joint space. 

Features & Benefits

  • Safe - The spring-loaded blunt obturator pops out when in open joint space, intended to reduce the risk of damage to the femoral head, cartilage, labrum and other soft tissues.
  • Tactile Feedback - The needle provides tactile feedback to confirm capsule entry so that surgeons know when they are safely in open space.
Paradigm™ Tactile Access Kit and EZ Switch™ Portal Saver System
CAT # pezs03

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