Paradigm™ Curved Knot Pusher

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Paradigm™ Curved Knot Pusher Product Overview

Designed to help facilitate knot tying in challenging anatomy, the Paradigm Curved Knot Pusher is designed to simplify and streamline hip arthroscopy procedures.

  • Innovative - The first of its kind, the Paradigm™ Curved Knot Pusher is currently the only curved knot pusher available.1
  • Easy - Features an anatomic curve design that’s intended to simplify knot-tying in hard to reach places.
  • Optimal Knot Stack Placement - Helps enable the ability to place the knot stack on the other side of the labrum.

1The Paradigm(TM) Curved Knot Pusher is part of CONMED’s Paradigm™ Hip Arthroscopy System.

Paradigm™ Curved Knot Pusher
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