Hip Procedure Accessories

Product Overview

Specifically engineered for hip arthroscopy, these products will assist you through joint entry as well as other key steps in the procedure. The Access Needle offers a customized 30 degree angled tip and rigid body for optimal insertion ability. Unique to the Hip Preservation System, the disposable Banana Blade was designed to be used with a reusable blade handle, which optimizes cutting efficiency due to its strength and ergonomics.

Arthroscopy Cannula 8.00 X 120.00mm
Diameter 8.00mm
Length 120.00mm
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 6
Hip Access Needle Pack
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 2
Cannulated Obturator
Hip Arthroscopy Disposable Kit
Guidewire Qty 2
Switching Stick Qty 2
Switching Stick Diameter 8.00mm
Switching Stick Length 120.00mm
Banana Blade Qty 1
Syringe Qty 1
Disposable Banana Blade
Universal Blade Handle
Hip Instrumentation
Arthroscopy Cannula 8.00 X 120.00mm hps-can
Hip Access Needle Pack hps-ndl
Cannulated Obturator 9837
Disposable Banana Blade hps-bld
Universal Blade Handle hps-bhndl
Hip Arthroscopy Disposable Kit ha-222dk