Hall® MicroFree® Cordless Small Bone Power System

Hall® MicroFree® Product Overview

Product Overview

The Hall® MicroFree® System features cordless, battery-powered, pencil-grip instruments for small bone application that are designed to provide the freedom of a cordless device, while delivering the power surgeons need. 

Designed with Comfort and Precision in Mind

  • Cordless Design: Eliminates the inconvenience of cords and awkward hand positioning, allowing for improved maneuverability.
  • Ergonomic: These well-balanced ergonomic handpieces are designed to feel and work comfortably in surgeons’ hands.1
  • Precision: Hall MicroFree handpieces come in a surgeon-preferred pencil-grip design which helps provide precise cutting. The pencil-grip design is ideal for tight anatomical spaces and is engineered to enable maneuverability, precision placement, and improved line of sight that can be challenging with a pistol-grip handpiece.


  • High-performance Lithium-ion Technology: Provides the torque, power, and performance surgeons need within a battery-powered device.


  • Less Risk of Infection: May reduce the potential risk contributing to SSIs, caused by unsecured power cords compromising the sterile field. 

Facility Efficiency

  • Backward-Forward Compatibility: Like most Hall Systems, MicroFree is designed to be both backward and forward compatible - delivering greater long-term value for your investment.
  • Optimize Your SPD: Hall MicroFree’s UL- approved batteries are autoclavable. This means they can be placed in the same tray as the handpieces and attachments.
  • Less Waste: Autoclavable batteries eliminate the need for “blue wrap”.
  • IPX 6, IPX 8, IPX 9 Rated: Protected from moisture intrusion and fully autoclavable. Eliminates the need for more expensive STERRAD battery sterilization. UL-approved hermetically sealed power units allow the entire system to be sterilized together.2

Hall® MicroFree® Wire Driver

  • The MicroFree Wire Driver combines the comfort and precision of a pencil-grip handpiece with cordless freedom of motion. The MicroFree Wire Driver is manufactured to the same standards of performance and reliability that you expect from Hall Powered Instruments. 

System includes

  • 6 handpieces
  • 1 Mini-Driver™
  • MicroFree® Power Unit
  • Small Lithium Battery
  • 2 Sterilization Trays

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Data on File. TR17-00810, TR17-01199
2Data of File; UL Report No. E350964-D1000-1/A1/C0 (2019-08-21). 

Hall® MicroFree® Wire Driver
CAT # pro8600sb
Hall MicroFree Handpieces
Hall® MicroFree® High Speed Drill
CAT # pro8000sb
Hall® MicroFree® Medium Speed Drill
CAT # pro8100sb
Hall® MicroFree® Sagittal Saw
CAT # pro8200sb
Hall® MicroFree® Oscillating Saw
CAT # pro8300sb
Hall® MicroFree® Reciprocating Saw
CAT # pro8400sb
Hall MicroFree Mini-Driver
Hall® MicroFree® Mini-Driver
CAT # pro8500sb
Hall MicroFree Power Unit
Hall® MicroFree® Lithium Battery
CAT # l3500sb
Hall Small Lithium Battery
Hall® Small Lithium Battery
CAT # l3000sm
Hall MicroFree Adapter and Charger
Hall® MicroFree® Battery Adapter
CAT # l3500
Large Bone Capital
Hall® Lithium Charger
CAT # l3000
Two Trigger Wire Driver
CAT # pro6228
Range 0.70 - 1.60mm (0.028 - 0.062in)
Two Trigger Pin Driver
CAT # pro6240
Range 1.80 - 4.00mm (0.071 - 0.157in)
Hall MicroFree Sterilization Containers
1/2 Size Small Bone Insert
CAT # pro8003t
1/2 Size Procedure Specific Insert
CAT # pro8001t
1/2 Size Rigid Container
CAT # tr12r
Accessories Bur Guards
Medium Bur Guard
CAT # 1375-012
Long Bur Guard
CAT # 1375-011
Extra-Long Bur Guard
CAT # 1375-023

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Hall MicroFree Cordless Small Bone Power System