UltraFix® Knotless MiniMite® Suture Anchor

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UltraFix® Knotless MiniMite® Product Overview

The CONMED UltraFix Knotless MiniMite 2.3mm Suture Anchor provides secure fixation while eliminating the difficult knot tying step. Prior to deploying the anchor in the bone the appropriate tension of the tissue can be achieved with a simple technique.
UltraFix® MiniMite® Anchor, 2.30mm with Threader
CAT # 10201
Diameter 2.30mm
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 1
Arthroscopic Drill Bit, 2.40mm
CAT # 10206
Diameter 2.40mm
Drill Bit, 2.40mm
CAT # 10202
Diameter 2.40mm
UltraFix® MiniMite® StitchPak®, 2.30mm dia.
CAT # 10215a
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 5
UltraFix® MiniMite® StitchPak®, 2.30mm
CAT # 10211
Diameter 2.30mm

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