What If...
the Cost of Doing Business,
Costs Your Business Less?

With rising healthcare costs and
declining reimbursements...

CONMED offers a wide range of creative solutions
and financial programs to help improve your
facilities’ efficiency.

We’ll give you back a percentage of your spending to
put towards new capital equipment. It’s just one of he
many solutions we have to help improve your operational cost-efficiency.

CONMED believes in partnering with you to help grow
your business while providing the best possible care for
your patients.

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Financial programs designed to improve your operational







Flexible Payment Options

The Advantage Finance Program allows facilities to get new technology or service at fixed monthly payments, deferrals, low interest or using CONMED single-use products. Flexibility to meet the needs of a growing facility or advances in technology, contracts can be added to or upgraded at any time. We also offer multiple end-of-term options.

Get capital equipment with no capital spending

This program gives you access to the latest technology without capital spending. In exchange for a disposables agreement, we’ll place capital equipment in your institution at no charge. Also available with service coverage and multi-year disposable price protection.
Accrue your credit over time as you purchase disposables

When you sign a new agreement for CONMED disposables, we give you back a percentage of new disposable spend/growth as a credit that can be put toward any capital equipment purchase or service contract in our broad portfolio.

CONMED offers service contracts for a fixed monthly, quarterly or annual price to provide fast, high-quality repairs that meet your unique needs, schedule and budget.

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Product Offerings
For Every Budget.

Products that fit your clinical needs and your budget.

Whether you need the absolute, top-of-the-line best technology available or your budget requires 
something a more standard – we can offer you both. In almost every category, CONMED has a leading, 
innovative product offering as well as a standard, cost effective alternative.

CONMED always has something to fit your budget...





We design products to be both clinically and
cost effective...

CONMED products may have a lower total
cost of ownership than you’re used to –
and that’s even before your reward credits!

Our Hall 50™ Powered Instruments System uses the same hand-piece for both large and small bone procedures,
eliminating additional purchase and service costs.

They’re also backwards and forwards compatible –
so you don’t have to unnecessarily replace functioning
equipment when a new system gets released.

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both large and small bone procedures >

“ With  CONMED’s  Advantage  Rewards  Program, we  were  able to get  over $11,000
to  invest in  new capital  equipment  just by  purchasing the disposables we needed
anyway. Their high quality products combined with excellent customer service have
made it easy for us to meet the needs of our patients and our community.”

Wende Dixon, RN, BSN, CNOR
Administrator, Clinical Director

No Obligation
Cost Savings Analysis

Check out how CONMED can help your ASC lower its current
operational costs.




Take the next step to reduce the amount of money you're losing every month

We will review your spending and identify areas where you can save money with CONMED’s products, services and flexible financial programs, and we can set up product demonstrations with your staff or scheduling evaluations.

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