Stealth™ Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coated Blades

Stealth™ Product Overview

-Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coating on distal tip designed to reduce particulate generation
-Tighter clearances between the inner & outer cutting tips creates a cleaner more efficient cut1
-A large area of shrink (lubrication), prevents metal on metal contact, reducing metal particulate generation2

1Compared to previous 2-piece design
UltraGator® Stealth™, 4.2mm
CAT # sdps-c002
Diameter 4.2mm
Working length 13cm
FRR® Stealth™, 4.2mm
CAT # s9247a
Diameter 4.2mm
Working length 13cm
Gator® Stealth™, 4.2mm
CAT # s9263a
Diameter 4.2mm
Working length 13cm
Stealth Blades
Great White® Stealth™, 4.2mm
CAT # s9299a
Diameter 4.2mm
Working Length 13cm
UltraFRR™ Stealth™, 4.2mm
CAT # sdps-c010
Diameter 4.2mm
Working Length 13cm

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