Mimix™ Small Joint Blades and Burs

Mimix™ Product Overview

With Mimix™ Small Joint Resection Blades, surgeons no longer have to make do with resection blades that were originally designed for other joints. We worked with some of the world’s foremost small joint surgeons to develop the first resection blades that are specifically tailored to mimic small joint anatomy.* These blades feature a curvature and working length that’s designed to give surgeons easy, fast and precise access in tight anatomical spaces.

  • Unique 35o gradual bend designed to contour to the talus
  • Available in 2.9mm & 3.5mm configurations for convenient access in tight spaces
  • 8cm working length to reach further than traditional 7cm small joint blades
  • Diamond-Like Carbon coating on distal cutting tip has a lower coefficient of friction than standard steel and has shown reduced metal particulate generation when compared to leading competitors1,2,3
  • Designed to minimize the need for a posterior portal during ankle scopes

1TR17-00073, 2TR17-00165, 3TR17-00073-1, *Compared to other major medical device manufacturers

Mimix™ 2.9mm 35° FRR Stealth™
CAT # le-29frp
Mimix™ 3.5mm 35° FRR Stealth™
CAT # le-35frp
Mimix™ 2.9mm 35° Cuda Stealth™
CAT # le-29cup
Mimix™ 3.5mm 35° FRR Stealth™
CAT # le-35cup

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