Beamer® CE600 System Endoscopic Electrosurgical Platform

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Beamer® CE600 System Product Overview

Combining sophisticated technology with unrivaled ease of use, the Beamer is designed to assist in the delivery of effective results whatever your level of expertise in electrosurgery. With built-in intelligence, innovation and an intuitive user interface, Beamer allows for the quick selection of desired clinical effect, designed to deliver consistent and repeatable clinical results for multiple therapies from a single platform. This system was developed and designed for users like you, by users like you. The result is a perfectly integrated technology that’s been expertly designed to meet your needs.

Generators Ln
Beamer CE200 ESU Generator
CAT # ce200
Power Req 100-240V +/- 10% / max. 6.3 A / 6.3 A
Nominal Frequencies 50 / 60 Hz
Power Input In Standby Mode 40 VA
Max Power Input 600 VA
Cutting Power Max. 350 watts
Coagulation Power Max. 120 watts
HF Frequencies 350 - 850 kHz
Weight and Dimensions 8.3kg / 390 x 182 x 435mm
Beamer Plus Argon Module
CAT # cb200
Power Supply via Beamer® ESU
Power Input Max. 40 watts
Argon Gas Flow 0.1 to 8.01/min +/- 20%
Weight and Dimensions 3.5kg / 390 x 108 x 425mm
Beamer Cart
CAT # cc200
Weight and Dimensions 38kg / 660 x 1030 x 580mm
Beamer Irrigation Pump with Footpedal for CE600 Beamer® System
CAT # cetegp-100
Voltage Current Requirement 120V / 240V~50/60Hz / 30VA
Pump Biopsy Cannel Flow Rate 0 - 200ml/min
Pump Auxiliary Water Channel Flow Rate 0 - 500ml/min
Weight and Dimensions 2.27kg / 152 x 178 x 203mm
Beamer Double Foot Pedal w/ Swap-Mode Button and Foot Lift Bar
CAT # ce200-a05
Connecting Cable for Reusable Return Electrodes
CAT # ce200-a04
Argon Pressure Reducer
CAT # cb200-a02
Beamer® Connecting Cable for Flexible Argon Probes
CAT # cb200-a01
Irrigation Pump Mounting Shelf
CAT # cc200-a10
Universal Monopolar Active Cord
CAT # sn-uac

What our customers have to say."The Beamer Argon Beam Coagulator provides a consistent and reliable tissue effect. The control panel is easy to set up and to establish personalized power settings and argon flow rates. Additionally, the ceramic tip probe dramatically reduces tissue sticking."

Douglas Rex, MD
Indiana University Hospital

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