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From thermal therapy and mechanical clipping to injection therapy and band ligation, CONMED has a complete portfolio of innovative hemostasis solutions designed to help easily and effectively stop and prevent GI bleeding.


Managing GI Bleeding

Gastrointestinal (GI ) bleeding is either considered non-variceal or variceal bleeding.

The primary objective of each procedure is to gain initial hemostasis and then to determine the best approach to prevent re-bleeding from occurring.

There are multiple alternatives to invasive surgery to achieve endoscopic hemostasis. These options provide important clinical benefits for these treatments. Depending on the source of bleeding, a combination of therapies may be necessary to reduce the long- term risk of re-bleeding.

Hemostasis Managing Bleeding

The following is a list of typical procedures for achieving Endoscopic Hemostasis Therapy.

  • Thermal Therapy
  • Mechanical Clipping
  • Injection Therapy
  • Band Ligation

CONMED Solution:

Thermal Hemostasis Therapy

Beamer® Argon Probe & Snare Probe:

Faster Hemostasis with Less Tissue Damage.
ConMed’s ABC Technology featured in the Beamer Plus achieves enhanced clinical effectiveness by focusing radio frequency energy in a directional non-contact, beam of argon gas. The result is faster hemostasis; a more homogeneous eschar and limited penetration depth when compared to conventional coagulation therapies.

Beamer® System CE600

The Beamer System has Endo-Mode Versatility, offering both pulsed currents that provide controlled cutting and varying, adjustable degrees of coagulation. To meet your needs, G levels permit quick adjustments to the duration of length of the cut and the intensity of the hemostasis effect.


Indications for ABC: Vascular ectasias,

bleeding ulcers, bleeding varices. 

Beamer System CE600

“The Beamer Argon Beam Coagulator provides a consistent and reliable tissue effect. The control panel is easy to set up and to establish personalized power settings and argon flow rates. Additionally, the ceramic tip probe dramatically reduces tissue sticking.” 

- Douglas Rex, MD
Indiana University Hospital
Paid CONMED Consultant

DuraClip™ Repositionable Hemostasis Clip







Beamer System


Mechanical Clipping
Hemostasis Therapy

For hemostasis within the entire GI tract, the DuraClip™ Repositionable Hemostasis Clip is designed to easily and accurately treat defects. The unique, small remaining clip component, is 40% shorter than the competition and takes up less space in the field of view and allows surgeons to see tissue and defect more easily.

DuraClip Hemostasis

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