Foot and Ankle

Looking for big innovation for small joint? You’ve come to the right place. Our foot and ankle solutions can offer you an easier day in the OR.

Key Parts of Our Foot and Ankle Portfolio

TruShot® with Y-Knot® All-in-One Tissue Fixation System

Anchor, Drill Bit, Guide – Fully loaded, ready-to-go out of the box

Argo Knotless™ Suture Anchor

Control your tension for consistent compression

MicroFree® Cordless Small Bone Power System

Cordless, battery-powered, pencil-grip instruments ergonomically optimized for precision

Mimix™ Small Joint Blades and Burs

Prebent, designed to mimic the anatomy found in the ankle

AssistArm® Limb Positioner

Lightweight and intuitive, delivering control and reliability for ankle and other procedures

Unleash Your Precision. Evaluate the Hall® MicroFree® Cordless Small Bone Power System. 

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